Round 3 Results

2.5 “i”an “n”epomniachtchi is nobody for me 5.5 Pawn Fiction
4 Random Rapport non-BS files 4 The Lord of the Dings
4.5 The Miskatonic University Chess Club 3.5 Don't Mean A Thing, If It Ain't Got That Ding
3.5 Do I have to attend the press conference? 4.5 Leaked prep gambit
1 Ding Liren Gang - Rapport's Delight 7 Caro Kann But We Kann't
2.5 A Sac a Day Keeps the Wins Away 5.5 Every little Ding is gonna be alright
2.5 CARLSENITO'S WAY 5.5 The Real Blunders Were The Friends We Made Along The Way
3 Knight To Meet You 5 One Ding to Rule Them All
2.5 Self-pinning for Immortality 5.5 Rapport's rapport with Ding
7 The Secret Bongcloud Society 1 Fly like Rg6?!
3.5 Every Ding Needs a Queen 4.5 46...Rg6
3 pshh well its hard to be creative these days, everything's been done before 5 No Real Ideas Or Deep Prep
6 The Immortal Name 2 Arjun Not Entertained!?
2.5 Ding of the Hill 5.5 Poison Pawn Posse
3 The Clock Crushers: Dangerous in any Time Control 5 Qudit and the Quantum Bits
4.5 Morphyne Drip 3.5 ChatQGD
4.5 Knights in White Satin 3.5 dungeons and sicilian dragons
3 Benoni Bozos 5 Long Live The Ding!
5.5 The En Passant Entertainers 2.5 The courageous chess contubernium
6.5 The Hnefatafl Varangians from Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch 1.5 You Come at the Ding, You Better Not Miss (That You’re Completely Losing After f5)
4.5 The Zugzwang Zebras 3.5 Waxy’s Warriors
2.5 We outsourced our prep to the #book-club 5.5 The King's Armpit
2 Maybe the real treasure was the Rapport we made along the way 6 Self-pinning for immorality
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