Captain's Guidelines

Guide for Lichess4545 Team Captains

This guide is to help Team Captains understand their role in the Lichess4545 tournaments.  A successful tournament requires that all teams participate fully and that communication occurs in a timely manner.  As team captain, you have a commitment to help the tournament run smoothly and to ensure that your team plays its games. In return, you and your team will experience a higher level of competition and better results.

Captains should communicate with any of the Mods about any questions or concerns, either through a DM or the #captains channel.

  1. Each team must choose one captain and one vice-captain. The vice-captain will fill in if the captain cannot participate for any reason. If for some reason, the captain cannot continue for the rest of the tournament, the vice-captain shall become the permanent captain.
  2. The team captain should contact their team members as soon as practical after the pairings are announced at 12:00 GMT every Monday.  Remind your team members that they must make contact with their opponent within 48 hours after pairings are released.
    1. Messages can be sent to players through Slack and
    2. Remind players where to find their pairing information, or tell them their pairing.
    3. Maintain communication with team players to follow-up as necessary.
  3. The captain should Direct Message the opposing team’s captain on Slack to open communication in case any problems arise.
  4. Captains will be invited to join the #captains channel on Slack.  Captains should check into this channel when it is highlighted for updates and information.
  5. Captains should post updates in the #captains channel. This is predominantly updating players' status accordingly via Chesster (see VI.).‚Äč
  6. The captain is responsible for making sure their players follow through on contacting and scheduling games.  
    1. Verify that all your players are available to play each round.
    2. If a player cannot participate in a round, it is the captain’s responsibility to update Chesster in the #captains channel.
    3. Captains can update player availability using the command "@chesster: player <x> is (un)available for round <y> in 45+45".
      1. Chesster will then automatically contact alternates for the relevant board in the order listed on the rosters page.
      2. Chesster will post the status of this search in #captains and the search status is also viewable from the rosters page under: alternates - searches.
    4. Please update Chesster as soon as you are aware a player will be unavailable in a given round (including future rounds). Alternate searches begin 48 hours before the start of the relevant round.
    5. If no alternate can be found, but a player can play up a board from your team, you can assign them to play up using the command "assign <player> to board <b> during round <r> on <team name>"
    6. The captain must be especially vigilant about players who refuse to respond or schedule games.  No-shows are, unfortunately, a problem with online chess. If after 48 hours of notifying your team members of their pairing you have received no response, notify one of the Mods about the situation.  Continue to try to contact the player and keep the Mods apprised.
    7. If the player does not show, an alternate cannot be found and a teammate cannot play up a board, the game for that board will be forfeited.
    8. Moderators are here to help if you are struggling with any issues.
  7. Captains can use the following commands (with no changes or substitutions) sent in a DM to @chesster to subscribe to team channel notifications:
    1. tell my-team-channel when a-game-starts in 45+45 for my-team
    2. tell my-team-channel when a-game-is-over in 45+45 for my-team