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  1. Season 7 Dates 27th March 2017 - 22nd May 2017
    Round 5 pairings are up!
  2. Are You Interested in Season 8?
    Registration is now closed for Season 7, but there is still hope! Please submit your email address here if you would like to be alerted when registration for Season 8 begins.
  3. Lichess4545 Ledger #023 (Link)
    Move Orders in the Modern Benoni. Lonewolf is starting! The recorded VOD of the Silman Study session and a really hard chess puzzle!

About Lichess4545

This is a chess league for people who like playing long time control games online. On lichess.org.

Team members play one game per week with a 45+45 time control.

Rules and Regulations

Season 7 Standings

Team Match Points Game Points
1 Truth is, Caro can't 7 17
2 Isolated Puns 7 14.5
3 Chessistential Crisis 7 14
4 Steel Tatas 6 15
5 Ragnarook 6 15
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