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  1. Round 6 Pairings are Out! Good luck! (Pairings)
  2. Season 8 registration open!
    The season will start the 12th June 2017, please sign up here.
    Mailing list for notification of Season 9 registration opening here.
  3. Lichess4545 Ledger #033 (Link)
    A great opening study on the Queen's Gambit Exchange variation by @mrlegilimens. New youtubers and a LOT of video content from league members on league games. Plus stats from the entirety of Lonewolf #7 including a few special awards

About Lichess4545

This is a chess league for people who like playing long time control games online. On lichess.org.

Team members play one game per week with a 45+45 time control.

Rules and Regulations

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