Welcome to the Lichess LoneWolf League


  1. Registration for season 31 is open. Season 31 will start on October 2nd and end on December 18th 2023.
  2. Check out the archive of our Lichess4545 Ledger.

About LoneWolf

If you would like to play long time control games online, this might be the league for you!

The Lichess LoneWolf league is an 11-round individual Swiss league that is organised through the Lichess4545 Slack workspace. Players are assigned one game per week. All games are played on Lichess (https://lichess.org/). The league's time control is 30+30 - each player starts with 30 minutes on the clock and receives an extra 30 seconds for every move they make. The league is split into Open and U1800 sections. Stats for previous seasons are published here. For more details, please see the Lichess4545 Terms of Service, the LoneWolf rules, and the LoneWolf FAQs

Players can register for LoneWolf at any point up to the start of Round 8, and may withdraw from a season at any time.

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