LoneWolf Rules and Regulations

How does this work?

  • You must link your slack account to receive a pairing.
  • Every Monday at 22:00 UTC pairings are released.
  • You will receive a direct message on slack from @chesster.
  • You have 24 hours to tell your opponent which times you can play or to respond to their offer.
  • List all times in UTC.
  • Post the chosen time in #lonewolf-scheduling.
  • Play your game.
  • Do it again the next week. 
  • Read the rest of the rules.

Note: These rules are not set in stone, nor are they meant to be punitive. The overriding principle of this document is to create a basic framework so that the league can function smoothly. To that effect, the Moderators will add and/or change rules as need be to improve the league.

I. Player Eligibility

  1. To be eligible as a player, you must have a Lichess account with an established (non-provisional) Classical rating.
    1. Players with provisional Classical ratings who have previously participated in either LoneWolf or Team4545 will need to re-establish their Classical rating to participate in Under sections. This requirement is waived for those registering for the Open section. There are no other exceptions to this rule.
  2. Players who have cheated on Lichess, on any account, are ineligible to participate. Players with games terminated as "cheat detected", barring extenuating circumstances at the discretion of mods, are ineligible to participate.
  3. To register, players must fill out this form.
  4. Players who have achieved an established Classical rating greater than 1800 within the three months preceding their registration are considered ineligible for the U1800 section. All such players will be placed in the Open section.
  5. The League Moderators will send a Slack invitation to your email address.
  6. If you have not received an invitation, feel free to message a moderator on Lichess asking them to invite you.
  7. Players must use a single Lichess account to play in both the Lonewolf and 4545 Team Leagues. Registering and playing under multiple accounts is prohibited, as is closing an account and registering under a new account.
  8. Eligibility for the league will be determined at league moderators' discretion. The moderators reserve the right to deem registrants ineligible for the league for any reason, without having to provide warning or evidence for their decisions.

II. League

  1. The Lone Wolf League format will be as follows:
    1. 11 round Swiss
    2. For each game that a player wins they receive 1 point, for each draw they receive 0.5 points and for each loss they receive 0 points
    3. Players are entitled to unlimited byes (worth 0.5 points) provided they ask for them 4 hours before pairings are released for any round.
    4. Players may join the league and withdraw up to 4 hours before pairings are released for any round.
      1. At the discretion of the moderators, players joining the league will be given points appropriate to their rating to ensure that they are paired with players of a similar rating. These points will be removed from their point totals for the final standings.
  2. ​​Half-point bye policy:
    1. ​Players may request half-point byes up to four hours before a new round's pairings are released.
    2. There is no limit on the number of half-point byes a player may request.
    3. If you late join you will only receive a maximum of 2 half-point byes for the games you have missed. Further adjustment of your score will be performed using points allocated as described in A. d..
    4. If your position in the standings will be improved by the allocation of a half-point bye the moderators may decide to award a zero-point bye in order to maintain your approximate position in the standings.
    5. If you win a game by forfeit against a higher rated player, you may request a half-point or zero-point bye instead. These byes are provided at the discretion of the moderators.
  3. The League moderators are boviced, spiteknight, cyanfish, yago666, tnan123, lakinwecker, erinyu, Numberman768, izzie26, timothyha, seb32, mirkojotic and M0r1. 
    • You can reach the moderators by posting "@chesster summon mods" in the slack channel #lonewolf-general. A moderator will usually ask for a short description of the problem before deciding whether to address in in private or public channels.
    • Moderators will make binding decisions regarding:
      • Disputes between players
      • Rule clarifications
      • Player forfeiture
      • Any other issue of importance to the League as a whole
    • When applicable, moderators will refer to the rules and regulations of the USCF and FIDE as a guide to resolve disputes. However, the decisions are completely up to the moderators.
  4. The time control for all games will be 30 minutes with a 30 second increment (30+30)
  5. All games must be rated games on Lichess.org.
    1. This has never been negotiable. It is still not negotiable.  Games must be rated.
    2. It is both you and your opponents responsibility to check that the game is played correctly.

III. Scheduling

  1. Once the pairings for a round have been released, each player should attempt to contact their opponent as soon as possible.
  2. Respond to your opponent in the Direct Message that chesster started when he informed you of your pairing.
    1. If you did not receive this message from chesster, please summon the mods.
  3. Each player must offer a reasonable range of times on different days to their opponent. If a time cannot be agreed upon, a result will be determined by the moderators based on the effort put forth by each player to find a suitable time.
  4. If a player will not have the availability to make a reasonable effort to schedule their games, they should notify mods ahead of the pairing for that round.
  5. If an agreed time cannot be reached after both players have made their initial offer, both players should continue to offer times until an agreed time is found.
  6. All players must confirm their scheduled game time. We ask you post your scheduled game time in #lonewolf-scheduling, with @ for both player names.

IV. No Response Policy

  1. If one player cannot make contact with their opponent after 24 hours, they must inform the mods immediately.
    1. The mods will attempt to provide a new pairing for the affected player.
    2. if a new pairing cannot be made, the player will receive a full point for the round.
  2. In order to get a new pairing the player must contact the Moderators with a screenshot of a conversation on Slack with no answer, as well as attempted contact on Lichess.
  3. Upon receiving a claim of no-response, the Moderators will withdraw the non-responsive player from the league.
  4. The non-responsive player can make an appeal to be re-entered into the tournament.

V. No-Show Policy

  1. If either player is not online at the appointed time, they will have a grace period of 20 minutes to appear, otherwise they will forfeit the game.
  2. If either player is online, but does not challenge or accept the challenge of their opponent within 20 minutes of the challenge, they will forfeit the game.
  3. If one of the opponents is online at the oppointed time but the other one is not online, then chesster (the bot) will send a link to the player that is online allowing them to claim a forfeit. Click the link and follow the instructions.
  4. If chesster does not send a a link, please contact the mods using @chesster: summon mods
    • In order to claim a forfeit, the claiming player must provided the Moderators with a time-stamped screenshot showing one of the following:
      1. Their opponent is offline
      2. They have issued a challenge, but their opponent has not accepted
      3. They have issued a challenge, but their opponent has declined.
  5. Upon receiving a no-show claim, the Moderators may withdraw the forfeited player from the league.
  6. The forfeited player can make an appeal to be re-entered into the tournament.
  7. Each player receives a single "Life Happens" credit at the beginning of a season. They may use this to avoid a yellow card if they notify the moderators and their opponent in advance.  A forfeit win is still awarded to their opponent, but no yellow card.

VI. Cheating Policy

  1. If you suspect someone of cheating, use the report button on Lichess as per the Lichess cheating policy: https://en.lichess.org/qa/258/all-about-cheating-questions-and-answers
  2. If someone is marked as a cheater on lichess, the mods will withdraw them from the tournament.
  3. Players that are detected to be cheating during a league game will be withdrawn from the tournament.
  4. Moderators may, at their discretion, take action given evidence that a player has previously cheated on lichess, regardless of account status.
  5. Receiving outside assistance of any form during a game is not permitted.
    1. Players are not permitted to be in spectator chat of their own games at any time for any reason.
    2. Streamers are responsible to ensure that they do not receive outside assistance from their viewers during a game. Please see the additional notes to streamers for further information.

VII. Game Play Policy

  1. Colors and Time
    1. Both players are responsible to ensure they are playing the correct time (30+30) as well as the correct colors.
      1. If a player notices an error prior to 10 moves, the game must be restarted and colors fixed.
      2. If error is not noticed after 10 moves, the game is an official game and players must play on.
      3. USCF Rule 11F: If an incorrect starting position or the game was started with colors reversed within the first 10 moves, the game is annulled and started over. If discovered after Black's 10th move, the game continues.
  2. Players should play the color they are assigned, and not agree to switch colors due to a preference, even if this preference is agreed upon. Colors are assigned in a specific manner in order to keep the league balanced and fair.
  3. Draws
    1. Agreed upon draws without reasonable effort are illegal under USCF 14B6. Players who attempt this will be faulted with a 0-0 score.
      • USCF Rule 14 B 6 : It is unethical and unsporting to agree to a draw before a serious contest has begun. The same is true of all arrangements to prearrange game results. In case of clear violations of the moral principles of the game, penalties should be imposed at the director’s discretion.
  4. “Claim Victory” and “Claim Draw” Feature
    1. Players are not permitted to use the “Claim Victory” or “Claim Draw” features of Lichess in the event of an opponent disconnect.
      • If a player claims victory, the match will be continued from the terminated position with the same amount of time remaining for each side as was in the game.
      • If a player claims victory and does not return to continue the game, they will forfeit the game.
    2. Conversely, any player disconnecting from a game with the intention of wasting their opponents time will be cautioned. Action may be taken for repeated offences.
  5. Take-Backs Feature
    1. We recognize it as a part of Lichess.
    2. It does go against USCF rules of touch-move.
    3. Due to 2, takebacks are not required to be given. This is a long time control game, you should have the time to think through where you are placing your mouse. There are settings on Lichess to ask you to confirm your move, if you have severe mouse problems.
    4. However, due to 1, takebacks can be asked of and we cannot control this. Just know that no player is required to accept your takeback.
  6. Respect rule: we encourage players to take their game as seriously as possible in order to respect their opponents and their team. Players are free to use their time as they wish during the game, but league moderators will warn players if they notice that the games are not taken seriously and players can be banned if their behaviour doesn't change.

VIII. Penalties

  1. This league has adopted a yellow card/red card system. 2 yellow cards = a red card and suspension from participation in the current season.
    1. Missing a scheduled game results in a yellow card.
      • If advance notice is provided, a "life happens" is awarded. If subsequent games are missed with advance warning, the moderators may provide a warning rather than a yellow card.
    2. Late contact (24 hours after the round start) results in a yellow card.
      • If the game is played despite the late contact, a warning may be given instead if it's a first offence.
    3. Insufficient effort scheduling (see III.C) may result in a yellow card.
    4. Yellow cards and warnings may be given for other offences at the moderators' discretion.
  2. Players will be notified when they receive a yellow card from the moderators.
  3. Players who received a red card during the season carry over a yellow card into their next season.

IX. Ultimate Power

  1. The moderators seek to ensure that the league continues to run smoothly and remains a positive experience for everyone involved.
  2. Players are encouraged to bring up any issues or potential improvements they might identify with a moderator.
  3. There is, however, no implied democracy in the administration of the league. Moderators have a final say in all matters