Round 4 Results

4.5 Wild Knights in Las Vegas 5.5 Good Knights, Bad Bishops
4 Nepo’s Seconds (He’s on a budget) 6 Just Hangin’ With My Two Bishops
3.5 The Rook's Indian Defense 6.5 [Redacted]
7 This Piece is Stale, Mate! 3 Last Pawn Standing
4 I don't know about you, but I'm playing Ke2 6 ‘Whose Turn Is It’ by GM Benjamin Finegold
2.5 Accept Cookies, Decline Draws 7.5 Kasparovs Great Premoves
3 Go Fork and Prosper 7 The Mechanical Turks
5.5 Do you believe in life after Smyslov? 4.5 Pawn Patrol
6 Let The Wookiees Win 4 Hoosier Daddy and the Temple of Doom
4 It's a Blunderful Life 6 IsaVulpes Scores 100%
2.5 Baby's Got A Bad Bad Bishop 7.5 I literally don't care
6 We literally don’t Keres 4 Caro Wheezer
5 Ruy Division - Luft Will Tear Us Apart 5 smooth brain monkeys
4 Rookie Pawn Shop 6 From Russia with Luft
5 Our team is now html, xhtml-strict, and GDPR compliant 5 Disciples of the Fishing Pole
5 Korchnoi’s Complaint 5 Greedy Delusional Pawn Robbers
4.5 Hello Darksquares, my old friend 5.5 Fischer? I hardly know her
6.5 GDPR Gambit Declined 3.5 One for All, All for Nothing
7.5 Endangered Woodpeckers 2.5 The Ten Tenacious Tenants of Tenerife
4 The Pawn Stars 6 Out of Book Club
4 Shut up and take my data! 6 Nameless Najdorf Knights
6.5 Tarraschic Park 3.5 Something Original
5.5 Baguette, Raclette and No Regret! 4.5 50 Moves Ahead
5.5 What’s in a name... if you can have a title? 4.5 Patzers Without Shame
3.5 Is this my team? I literally don’t care about it, chat. 6.5 Glbert's Democratic People's Republic
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