Lichess4545 Ledger 027

Lichess4545 Ledger

Issue #027 - May 22, 2017

State of the League

Thanks for a great season 7 everyone! See the full summary on the website. It was great fun to meet you across the digital chessboard, to spectate and kibitz your games, to prep and discuss and learn the game of chess with you all. Congratulations to Isolated Puns the winner of season 7!

Please refer to the last ledger for important announcements about nominating games for youtuber review, nominating end of season awards, and completing the end of season survey.

Check below for stats for the previous round. There are two new stats that have been added:" the longest think" and "the most time left at the end of the game." Stats for the whole season will be included in the awards/stats document for season 7. Be sure to nominate awards!

Bigger and Stronger!

This was the largest season ever. 30 teams with 6 boards = 180 players plus several alternates means that over 200 players participated! It was also the strongest season ever! I remember when a high 1900 was board 1 in previous seasons, Now there are several 1900's that are board 3!


As many of you are aware several people were kicked out this season for "using computer assistance." Some of them were high-profile community members who contributed some great things to the league. For those who are wondering, ChessLeagueTV should return next season under new control.

There have been several suggestions on how to deal with cheating. Someone even went through the trouble of outlining a proposal with several suggestions. Moderators are deliberating over many of these suggestions at this moment. Suggestions have included:

  • Increasing the number of games required to play in the league
  • Requiring the moderators to collect the names of all participants
  • Requiring a fee to participate in the league
  • Having the Lichess moderators manually look at all new participants
  • Changing the rule about forfeiture of all the cheaters games

If you have thoughts or responses to some of these suggestions please let us know!

League Improvement

As survey answers are trickling in and as suggestions on improvement to the league are voiced, I always think about how realistic it would be to implement many of them. People are excited about reading the ledger, but rarely do people contribute to it. People are excited about the youtube reviews but few people donate or even nominate games.

For many, this is primarily a place to just play long time control chess. If all you want is to play chess then that's great and this is a wonderful community! However, if you want something more don't expect the relatively small group of mods (who all have day jobs) to do all the work to implement it for you!  Please feel free to contribute in even small ways to improving the League.

Please check out for some ways to help with something related to the league. Or start a conversation with a mod or two if there's some other way you'd like to contribute.

High Achievement

Congratulations to @lovlas, one of our 4545 members, who was finally awarded his IM title during season 7! If you haven't already, you can read the interview with him in the Ledger issue # 025.

Quick updates on the other leagues.

  • Round 5 of Lonewolf starts this week
  • Competition is still going strong in #ladder! No major updates.
  • #Blitz-battle: Will be taking a break for now. Stay tuned for the next one.

Coaches Corner

This is a new feature in the Ledger and hopefully other chess coaches in our community will find time to contribute their ideas.

None this week

Notable Lichess4545 community member video/contributions:

@Atrophied gets back to live commentary of his games. Here's Round 4 of Lonewolf

MrLegilimens has done some great annotations of his OTB games.


Stats from Round 8 of 45+45: Thanks to @somethingpretentious for his work to automate the process of coming up with these stats. It is much appreciated!

  • Biggest upset: 213 point difference cybercapitalist 1256 against braoncek 1469 Gamelink
  • Lowest ACPL game: 5 ACPL shmageggy against iqp  Gamelink
  • Lowest combined ACPL game: 19 combined ACPL iebrian vs dctrip13 Gamelink
  • Highest ACPL game: 167 ACPL iqp in loss to shmageggy Gamelink
  • Highest combined ACPL game: 196 combined ACPL JuanSnow vs thebishopschaplain Gamelink
  • Longest game: Reached move 95 cyanfish vs SMC Gamelink
  • Quickest mate: Mate on move 26 by LuvGanster against rsava Gamelink
  • Fastest draw: Ends on move 19 poet1c vs FelixNL Gamelink
  • Fastest resign: Resignation on move 7 by iqp against shmageggy Gamelink
  • Longest think: 17 minutes 55.0 seconds on move 19 by morallygray vs dkillian Gamelink
  • Most time left: 66 minutes 29.0 seconds by qrs in loss to something_unique Gamelink

Stats for Round 4 of Lonewolf:

  • Biggest upset: 306 point difference Bletchlypark 1568 against justks 1874 Gamelink
  • Lowest ACPL game: 8 ACPL by klooth against ruben_pt  Gamelink
  • Lowest combined ACPL game: 28 combined ACPL TIE
  • Highest ACPL game: 100 ACPL something_unique in loss to ErinYu Gamelink
  • Highest combined ACPL game: 157 combined ACPL cacheyourdreams vs yago666 Gamelink
  • Longest game: Reached move 86 fisher56 vs mingpro Gamelink
  • Quickest mate: Mate on move 11 by ErinYu against something_unique Gamelink
  • Fastest draw: Ends on move 23 god666 vs heimoelo Gamelink
  • Fastest resign: Resignation on move 18 by nadgob against TheRatRiverTrapper Gamelink
  • Longest think: 19 minutes 29.0 seconds on move 11 by ruben_pt against klooth Gamelink
  • Most time left: 48 minutes 42.0 seconds jtvinco in loss to the_fischer_king Gamelink

Finally as always feel free to join #lichessledger on Slack if you want to help or contribute in any way to this newsletter.

Chess For You

Smyslov on Chess and Art

I have frequently stated that I regard chess as an art form, where creativity prevails over other factors.

My study of chess was accompanied by a strong attraction to music, and it was probably thanks to this that I became accustomed to thinking of chess as an art, for all the science and sport involved in it.

No fantasy, however rich, no technique, however masterly, no penetration into the psychology of the opponent, however deep, can make a chess game a work of art, if these qualities do not lead to the main goal - a search for truth.

There is no doubt that for Morphy chess was an art, and for chess Morphy was a great artist. His play was captivated by freshness of thought and inexhaustible energy. He played with inspiration, without striving to penetrate into the psychology of the opponent; he played, if one can express it so, 'pure chess'

In chess, as in life, a man is his own most dangerous opponent

V. Smyslov


Chess Puzzle

From a round 4 game in Lonewolf: @badplayer_CM vs @Alex_slow. Black just played Qh3. White to move. High level of difficulty!


For the answer see gamelink.



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