Season 8 End of Season Awards and Stats

Incredible player stats

MEDALS (based on perfermance rating). You only qualify if you played 5 games on the particular board. To see how you stack up: (Link)





Board 1 Atrophied 2622 foreverweak 2473 TonyRo 2373
Board 2 matt_p_14 2225 wardstone 2216 PasiP 2215
Board 3 Axp156 2202 morallygray 2096 revoof 2065
Board 4 daveyjones01 2090 Blekinge 2079 dahdah 2013
Board 5 CarlosMagnussen 2105 Sammy_Jankis 2001 lbringer 1978
Board 6 dose7781 1873 Tsatsa64 1769 OldTom 1729


Best win streak: @Tsatsa64 had 7 wins in a row

Worst loss streak: TIE @Vevochi, @SpiteKnight @TheRatRiverTrapper had 5 losses in a row

Iron Man Award: @FelixNL had played in every single round of lichess4545 since season 1 until he finally was replaced by an alt in round 8 of season 8, a streak lasting an incredible 63 games!

The Giri award for most draws: @VvvenonvV with 4 draws in 6 games. Honorable mention to others who also achieved 4 total draws in a higher number of games. @FelixNL (7 games) @Rakpyrogravas (7 games) @malamutt (8 games) @leinax (8 games)

Marathon Man: @matt_p_14 (8 games) and @mariuseg (7 games) both had average gamelength 128 ply / 64 moves (8 total games)

Fast Finisher: @MadLoKi average gamelength was only 47 ply / 23 moves (6 total games)

Acurracy king: @FelixNL averaged 14 ACPL over all his games played during season 8 (7 total games)

Biggest rating gain in season 8: (includes all classical games) @malamutt gained 160 lichess classical rating points during season 8

Biggest rating loss in season 8: @axp156 lost 153 lichess classical rating points during season 8

Game related records

Biggest upset: 261 point difference. Round 6 NoKlu 1324 beats Napoleon_Solo 1585 Gamelink

Lowest ACPL game: TIE 3 ACPL

  • Round 2 hetraie against Rakpyrogravas Gamelink
  • Round 4 lbringer against JohnJPershing Gamelink

Lowest combined ACPL game: 7 combined ACPL. Round 6 Rakpyrogravas vs hetraie Gamelink

Highest ACPL game: 232 ACPL. Round 8 Vevochi in loss to Lord_Karamat Gamelink

Highest combined ACPL game: 262 combined ACPL Round 8 Vevochi vs Lord_Karamat Gamelink

Longest game: Reached move 113 Round 8 VvvenomvV vs matt_p_14 Gamelink

Quickest checkmate: Mate on move 5. Round 8 Lord_Karamat against Vevochi Gamelink

Fastest Draw: Draw on move 20 Round 6 riemannn vs VvvenomvV Gamelink

Fastest Resign: Resign on move 11. Round 8 by MadLoKi against Axp156 Gamelink

Longest Think: 38 minutes 41.0 seconds on move 19 Round 4 by JuanSnow against rsava Gamelink

Most Time Left: 69 minutes 3.0 seconds Round 3 by joecupojoe against rsava Gamelink

Most Time Spent (total thinking time of 1 player in 1 game): 121 minutes 45.0 seconds Round 8 by matt_p_14 against VvvenomvV Gamelink

Team related Statistics

Worst team collapse: Overworked and Underpromoted had 2 members marked by lichess. Started at the top with an undefeated record only to finish near the bottom :(

Best team comeback: Scotch and Call it a Knight started with 4 match points after 4 rounds. They finished in second place overall after winning their last 4 rounds.

Sportsmanship Award: 10 teams (aka too many to list) all had NO forfeits throughout the season. Congrats to them!

Team Solidarity: No teams went the entire 8 rounds without using an alternate at any point. 3 teams did only use 1 alternate across all 6 boards over 8 rounds. Those are The Pawn Cocktails, pawnology, and The Nebulous Horseheads

Most dominant match: During round 7 there was the lone 6-0 match of the season. The Pawn Coctails over Sac-o-holics.

Miscellaneous Stats

  • ~ 6 red cards this season (similar to last season)
  • Approximately 25 yellow cards this season (similar to last season)
  • 55 forfeits this season (1 of these was a double forfeit). - 43 vs last season (includes games reversed according to rules)
  • Also see the stats page

Game stats

We have been able to compile a pgn of all the 4545 games played in season 8. Feel free to download it here.

Here are some stats from SCID

Total games 1-0 1/2 0-1 Score
586 games 262 96 228 52.9%


Average Rating and Performance

White Rating: 1846 (584 games); White Performance 1870 (53% vs 1849)
Black Rating: 1849 (584 games); Black Performance 1825 (47% vs 1846)

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Frequency of Themes in the First 20 moves of each game

Same-side castling 62% White Isolated Queen Pawn 10%
Opposite-side castling 11% Black Isolated Queen Pawn 9%
Queens exchanged 22% White Pawn on 5-7th rank 52%
Only 1 side with Bishop Pair 47% Black Pawn on 2-4th rank 33%
Kingside Pawn Storm 5% Open c/d/e file 58%


Opening Move



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