Lichess4545 Ledger 077

Lichess4545 Ledger

Issue #077 - September 26, 2018


State of the 4545 League

by @SpiteKnight


Some "SERIOUS" stuff has gone down this week. Semi Slav Squatters lead 4545 on game points as they did not lose any game in their first round.
LoneWolf is in its third week, with plenty of players scoring full points in their first two rounds. 

No further updates.

by GM Niclas Huschenbeth


GM Niclas Huschenbeth has uploaded the video of the first game he reviewed as part of his live stream. The game was between FischyVishy (White) and swagquark (Black).


Analysing The Alt. Team

by @toni4127


How will “TheAlt Team” do in Season 14?

I was an alt in Season 12, and I’ll occasionally check out the #alternates-hangout Slack channel out of habit. Recently, there was a conversation about forming an “Alt Team”. Long story short, we’ll probably have a team next season that will be made up of 100% alts from last season. So, naturally, I asked myself: 

Can we predict how strong this team will be?

What if we pretended that the alts from previous seasons were already grouped into their own (large) team. How would they stack up compared to everyone else, not just as individuals, but as a team?

The lichess4545 rosters page lists every alt from every season, going back to Season 3. The site also publishes each player's results for the season. What if someone was so bored that they were willing to write a script that first reads in the list of alts from each season's 4545-rosters page, then, for each alt, reads in the game results for that season from the 4545-player page, and finally compiles those game results into stats for how the "Alt Team" did each season...? The method doesn’t capture every alt’s game. Some players started their seasons as alts, then got recruited onto teams full-time. These players wouldn’t be listed as alts on the 4545-rosters page. But, for the study, we can pretend they got themselves kicked off "Team Alt" that season and that their games don't count anymore.

I won't attach the code, but the results are interesting! 


First, let’s consider a "Standings"-style table for each season. Each “Round N” value is the average score of the players for that round, multiplied by 6, so that it maps well with the existing 6-player standings table on the 4545-standings page. I also added a couple columns to show how the team placed in comparison to the other teams that season.

Generally, the “Alt Team” finishes below most of the other teams. There are a few exceptions. The season 6 team is the most obvious– they would’ve placed 2ndoverall! Season 12 (no thanks to me!) also did very well.

Next, let’s consider at how many games the alts are winning. The plot below gives the cumulative win percentage for each season. Draws count as half-wins. Forfeits count too – showing up is half the battle.



Not so hot, unfortunately. Most seasons the alts tend to lose more often than they win. However, if we ignore the seasons 6 and season 13 data points, the upward trend looks very promising!


And finally, let’s look at the standings percentile (how the team did vs. everyone else) for each season overlaid with the win percentage: 

It pays to win just over half your games. There’s a strong correlation (amplified more than I expected) between whether the alts won just over or just under 50% of their games vs. how well their team placed that season.

So, how will the “actual” Season 14 Alt Team do? If we just look at averaged data, probably not so well. But if we look at the win percentage trends or tell ourselves that we’re overdue for a Season 6-like spike, things look bright for the Alt Team.


Thanks @erinyu for proofreading

by @hicetnunc


This study is not meant to be an exhaustive analysis of the game, or as worthwhile learning material. It is merely presented as my understanting of the game played. Comments, analysis and corrections are welcome.



Weekly Stats

by @kraaft and @somethingpretentious



Stats for Season 14 Rounds 1:

  • The fastest mate was white on move 24 found in Gamelink White: scacchistaimbruttito, Black: sverske.
  • The fastest draw was found in Gamelink White: itakeback, Black: vicpez. test white on move 9
  • The fastest resign was black on move 9 found in Gamelink White: okei, Black: chesspatzerfrance.
  • The biggest upset was 113 points in Gamelink White: lucagaglia73, Black: donkey-kong16.
  • The longest game ended with black on move 78 Gamelink White: lucagaglia73, Black: donkey-kong16.
  • 138 was the highest ACPL in Gamelink White: checkmonk, Black: toni4127.
  • 9 was the lowest ACPL in Gamelink White: assassin_in_white, Black: squidgyking.
  • Combined maximum ACPL was 237 in Gamelink White: checkmonk, Black: toni4127.
  • Combined minimum ACPL was 24 in Gamelink White: yellowtides, Black: followthewhiterabbit.
  • The longest think was 24 minutes 7.0 seconds on move 10 in Gamelink White: checkmonk, Black: toni4127.
  • The most time left was 65 minutes 16.0 seconds in Gamelink White: pkjamoo, Black: imperatorealev.
  • The most time spent was 91 minutes 50.0 seconds in Gamelink White: lucagaglia73, Black: donkey-kong16.




Stats for Season 12 Round 2:

  • The fastest mate was black on move 22 found in Gamelink White: rolihlahla, Black: mekumcu.
  • The fastest draw was found in Gamelink White: jitre, Black: rgpchesspe. test white on move 11
  • The fastest resign was black on move 11 found in Gamelink White: vicpez, Black: yoyomaeatsbananas.
  • The biggest upset was 283 points in Gamelink White: lelouch_vi_brittania, Black: camcam52.
  • The longest game ended with white on move 67 Gamelink White: rampichino, Black: rsn_007.
  • 119 was the highest ACPL in Gamelink White: pgt1, Black: emptyset2.
  • 13 was the lowest ACPL in Gamelink White: funits, Black: locolope23, Gamelink White: atil4, Black: mikewhitekl.
  • Combined maximum ACPL was 182 in Gamelink White: k-night-moves, Black: chefcurry30.
  • Combined minimum ACPL was 37 in Gamelink White: bmoney_o, Black: dimesocket.
  • The longest think was 14 minutes 50.0 seconds on move 7 in Gamelink White: sahkal, Black: fiveknights.
  • The most time left was 49 minutes 9.0 seconds in Gamelink White: pkjamoo, Black: jrbuchanan2.
  • The most time spent was 56 minutes 42.0 seconds in Gamelink White: romelofeu, Black: areeckx.



Chess Puzzles

by @forhavu and @kraaft

Click on the images for the solution.


Kraaft (1584) - Thanmarkou (1309)
⚫ Black to play.
cameronbird (1815) - LostEarthworm (1908)
⚫ Black to play.
liamvo (1972) - HoudinicisMedicis (2023)
⚫ Black to play.
glbert (1760) - dmavro (1764)
⚫ Black to play.
GogoYubari (1820) - postit (1811)
⚫ Black to play.
JohnJPershing (1739) - Ben_Dubuque (1728)
⚫ Black to play.


Boviced (1708) - Anna_Nass (1970)
◯ White to play.
sahkal (2044) - FiveKnights (1783)
◯ White to play.
Droodjerky (1872) - dmavro (1746)
⚫ Black to play.
Thanmarkou (1293) - pepepibote (1490)
◯ White to play.
Kraaft (1588) - halloway (1707)
⚫ Black to play.

Shared by the community (can contain imperfect puzzles.)

val1313 (1847) - rampichino (1800)
shared by @rampichino
◯ White to play.

Solution explained by @moistvonlipwig
select the text in white bellow to reveal it:

The reason is that white gets a strong
attack by gaining a lot of tempi.

After Nxd5 exd5 Qe2 the Na6 is hanging,
e.g. Qb7 then Nf5, the g7 is hanging so Bf8,
hen Qg4 etc. and White gets a strong initiative

(also Nxd5 Qxc2
Nxe7+ Kf8
Nxc2 Rxc2
Ra2! Kxe7
or Ra2 Rc7
Nc6 Rxc6
somehow whatever Black tried to do
it goes wrong for some reason :smile:

TheRatRiverTrapper (1882) - cameronbird (1820)
shared by @erinyu
◯ White to play.

Chessboard images provided by lenik terenin.

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