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Lichess4545 Ledger

Issue #057 - April 17, 2018


State of the League

Welcome to the new season everyone! We have some new players this season, and a lot of old members contributing towards a whopping 36 teams! Competition seems fierce, we wish everyone good luck for the new season, and look forward to the fun.

Survey results:

by @somethingpretentious​

Thank you all for your feedback, this was one of (if not the most) answered surveys we've had - with 106 responses. We've already implemented a few of the suggestions, such as a 24 hour first contact period! Let's get started with the enjoyment which was on par with previous seasons:

Forms response chart. Question title: Rate your enjoyability of the league (5 = very enjoyable, 1 = Number of responses: 105 responses.
Forms response chart. Question title: Rate the organization of the season. Number of responses: 105 responses.
Forms response chart. Question title: If you are a veteran, how did this compare to previous seasons?. Number of responses: 72 responses.

Glad everyone is having a good time! The team name favourite this season was "Don't cha wish your Gelfand was hot like me?" with 18% of the vote with "PGN or it didn't happen" runner-up at 15%. Honourable mention to "Team 24" in 3rd place (8%), showing you don't always need creatitivy or effort to gain a devoted following.

An amazing 86% of respondents also participate or participated in the Lone Wolf league - you can never have too much chess! Blitz Battles and the Chess Series were also popular at ~35% each.

As usual, people are happy with the status quo of balanced teams of 6 players, and 8 week tournament, favouring the current league size, and not splitting the league up (even by opening choices). The next season is looking to be our biggest ever so hopefully no-one is too disappointed.

There was favourable response to an end of season survey, which will be going ahead with the league's own chessleaguetv star: @quirked. You can donate to the cost for this here (if not already fulfilled!). Thank you to all the suggestions of larger streamers, but quirked was still one of the most popular! :muscle: Thanks to @colwem too, for organising the end of season Board Championships for the top performing players from each board facing off for ultimate individual glory.

As previously mentioned, the most popular rule change was to do with scheduling. As such, we've reduced the period for first contact from 48 hours to 24 hours, and you must include your first three time offers as per the old rules. We've also added that cheating allegations will be dealt with by lichess moderators only (not league mods!) and that the slack ToS must be adhered to - which was the case before but hopefully clearer now. We've also added the ability to "avoid" players in the new season for team formation (the opposite of a friend request). Hopefully not too many people will feel the need to use this feature but it's there if you would like now!

Finally, a couple of new questions this season:

Forms response chart. Question title: Where did you first hear about the league?. Number of responses: 104 responses.
Forms response chart. Question title: Do you intend to play next season?. Number of responses: 106 responses.

Thanks, hope to see you next season!

Lichess4545 League reminder:

First round starting on April 23. The season will end on June 28.

No videos this week, but stay tuned to the CLTV Youtube page for VODs and streams.



Weekly Stats




Preseason stats: (EDIT on the 25th of April: the stats became irrelavant after 4 more teams were created.)

We have 216 player in 36 teams.
122 of them played in #11. It's a retention of 55% out of the 222 different players - alternate too - who participate last season.

Here's an average elo of each board ("range" is the difference between high and low end):

  • B1 2099.11 (range 309)
  • B2 1913.25 (range 135)
  • B3 1806.69 (range 108)
  • B4 1725.42 (range 81)
  • B5 1641.14 (range 117)
  • B6 1412.89 (range 591)




Stats for Season 10 Round 7:

  • The fastest mate was black on move 7 found in Gamelink White: fianchettoed, Black: xpedro.
  • The fastest draw was on move 36 found in Gamelink White: giampy62, Black: sataniccow.
  • The fastest resign was white on move 16 found in Gamelink White: poxzasy, Black: litzr.
  • The biggest upset was 416 points in Gamelink White: fianchettoed, Black: xpedro.
  • The longest game ended with white on move 73 Gamelink White: sebastianjl, Black: shalexander.
  • 154 was the highest ACPL in Gamelink White: fianchettoed, Black: xpedro.
  • 7 was the lowest ACPL in Gamelink White: giulio451, Black: randomjsdev.
  • Combined maximum ACPL was 191 in Gamelink White: zher0, Black: mysticalrake.
  • Combined minimum ACPL was 19 in Gamelink White: sarciness, Black: kuhfighter.
  • The longest think was 18 minutes 12.0 seconds by 20 in Gamelink White: journey_to_nm, Black: sreejith993.
  • The most time left was 37 minutes 43.0 seconds in Gamelink White: dalejos, Black: tupel.
  • The most time spent was 64 minutes 13.0 seconds in Gamelink White: sebastianjl, Black: shalexander.


Chess Puzzle


by @assassin_in_white

Chess Series:
Group Master outerheaven92 (2028) assassin_in_white (2298) Gamelink.

Black to play.

Click on "Open" for the solution and see previous chapters.


by @sgis

Lonewolf (open) #10:
Round 7 sgis (1676) vs nicolai_tesla (1807) Gamelink.

White to play.

Click on "Open" for the solution and see previous chapters.




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