Lichess4545 Ledger 052

Lichess4545 Ledger

Issue #052 - March 13, 2018


State of the League


With Dr. Danny & the Drunken Donkeys keeping a stranglehold on first place in the Lichess4545 league, it's gonna be up to the third place Riders on the Pawn Storm to challenge their undefeated streak!


Quick updates on the other leagues:

  • #rapid-battle: This new format is still in developement. Please join the channel #rapid-battle on Slack to contribute ideas, rules, and more interest!


No video this week, but stay tuned to the CLTV Youtube page for VODs and streams.



Chess Study

by @erinyu


Team4545 #11 Round 4:

@sebastianjl (2038) vs @arbisto (1956)

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Weekly Stats




Stats for Season 11 Rounds 4:

  • The fastest mate was black on move 16 found in Gamelink White: boviced, Black: rolihlahla.
  • The fastest draw was on move 20 found in Gamelink White: shetoo, Black: nisn.
  • The fastest resign was white on move 9 found in Gamelink White: proustino, Black: cammusbread.
  • The biggest upset was 371 points in Gamelink White: beaverhatbob, Black: michionov.
  • The longest game ended with white on move 69 Gamelink White: archone, Black: theratrivertrapper.
  • 119 was the highest ACPL in Gamelink White: giampy62, Black: caxmati.
  • 7 was the lowest ACPL in Gamelink White: dauthdaert, Black: bufferunderrun.
  • Combined maximum ACPL was 220 in Gamelink White: giampy62, Black: caxmati.
  • Combined minimum ACPL was 16 in Gamelink White: lelouch_vi_brittania, Black: jkobs, Gamelink White: xearo, Black: josbri.
  • The longest think was 26 minutes 15.0 seconds on move 10 in Gamelink White: infernaljumble, Black: namulin.
  • The most time left was 55 minutes 27.0 seconds in Gamelink White: bornacavrag, Black: gokuba.
  • The most time spent was 93 minutes 34.0 seconds in Gamelink White: moinmann, Black: qx11.




Stats for Season 10 Round 2:

  • The fastest mate was black on move 21 found in Gamelink White: pedropablo72, Black: patrick-66.
  • The fastest draw was on move 30 found in Gamelink White: sergeiattackov, Black: mn8.
  • The fastest resign was black on move 7 found in Gamelink White: caxmati, Black: cabbageattack.
  • The biggest upset was 310 points in Gamelink White: bracco, Black: jjplayz.
  • The longest game ended with black on move 77 Gamelink White: sgis, Black: aljopeljhan.
  • 131 was the highest ACPL in Gamelink White: shalexander, Black: lord_axe.
  • 7 was the lowest ACPL in Gamelink White: fairytaletime, Black: tonychess75, Gamelink White: raymondcarver, Black: tcgrif.
  • Combined maximum ACPL was 192 in Gamelink White: pedropablo72, Black: patrick-66.
  • Combined minimum ACPL was 14 in Gamelink White: fairytaletime, Black: tonychess75.
  • The longest think was 11 minutes 48.0 seconds on move 14 in Gamelink White: chess4life, Black: patzernacional.
  • The most time left was 42 minutes 15.0 seconds in Gamelink White: litzr, Black: parkerzs.
  • The most time spent was 61 minutes 30.0 seconds in Gamelink White: yakkuru, Black: chesseric44.




by @shalexander


Season 2 - Second week:


  • Total games: 11
  • White wins: 5 (45%) / Draws: 3 (27%) / Black wins: 3 (27%)
  • Total number of plies: 757
  • Total time spent playing: 1d 0h 15m 2.33s
  • Longest game by number of plies: 114 / journey_to_nm vs tomek188 Gamelink.
  • Shortest game by number of plies: 27 / dose7781 vs colwem Gamelink.
  • Longest game by time: 3h 1m 1.52s / mastersalomon vs eie24 Gamelink.
  • Shortest game by time: 35m 49.70s / vevochi vs rodrigodiazdevivar Gamelink.
  • Longest think: 20m 31.52s / tomek188 (black) on move 21 Gamelink.
  • Min ACPL: 7 / kjfoster17 (white) Gamelink.
  • Max ACPL: 108 / colwem (black) Gamelink.
  • Min summed ACPL: 16 / gogoyubari vs tonychess75 Gamelink.
  • Max summed ACPL: 159 / dose7781 vs colwem Gamelink.




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