Lichess4545 Ledger 049

Lichess4545 Ledger

Issue #049 - February 20, 2018


State of the League

The new season has begun for team4545 and team Piazza.degli.Scacchi is taking the lead with this week's result of 5½ - ½.
The game reviews that you have selected are still being worked on by @quirked, the first video should be released within a week.

And here's some stats on the registered players,

In the starting roster of 180 players and 68 alternates of the Team4545 #11:

  • 120 played on season 10
  • 78 played on season 10 and 9
  • 53 played on season 10, 9 and 8
  • 39 played on season 10 through 7
  • 20 played on season 10 through 6
  • 15 played on season 10 through 5
  • @aliquantus, @dose7781, @forhavu, @s2004k1993 played on season 10 through 4
  • also with @boviced whom played on season 10 through 3
  • and also with @gnarlygoat, @jivey, @revoof@scarff, @seb32 and @somethingpretentious that cumulated the record of 10 consecutive seasons. But nobody played on all 11 of them.

Quick updates on the other leagues:

  • Lonewolf #10: Registration is still open (and will stay that way even during the season). First round on February 26.
  • #Blitz-battle: by winning season #26 @moistvonlipwig performed a combo breaker on @erinyu and his 3 victories in a row. Maybe the fact that he wasn't playing helped the achievement.
    Soon after, @moistvonlipwig reiterates by winning #27 but @scrooge takes the crown for #28.
  • #Chess-Series #2: Registration is closed, however there are still 6 open spots in the lowest leagues for late joins. (CM and C leagues. That’s not certain but the decision to go in one or the other will probably be determined by rating.)

    The league starts on February 26. But this week will have the playoffs for 3 spots on the MASTER (top of the league).

    The contenders and the pairings are :
    Assassin_in_White (2311) vs kferapont (2059)
    journey_to_nm (2256) vs s2004k1993 (2177)
    OuterHeaven92 (1987) vs ShAlexander (1929)
    Note that the black players – on the right – will have drawing odds (black wins if it’s a draw) on the usual 90+30 time control.




    by @quirked


Live commentary of Team4545 #11 Round 1  

Live commentary of Team4545 #11 Round 1:

Board 2 @archone vs @pmyourpepes A85 Dutch Defense: Queen's Knight Variation Gamelink
Board 2 @arsenalfanrichi vs @fisher56 C08 French Defense: Tarrasch, Open, 4. exd5 exd5 Gamelink
Board 3 @shetoo vs @infernaljumble E61 Kings Indian Defense Gamelink


ChessLeagueTV Please check the CLTV Youtube page for VODs of the recent streams.



Chess Study

by @erinyu


Team4545 #11 Round 1:
Board 5 @colwern (1648) vs @psimaster (1652)

Click on "Open" to have a better presentation in full screen and see the previous chapters.



Weekly Stats



Stats for Rounds 1 of Team (45+45) #11:

  • The fastest mate was white on move 8 found in Gamelink White: lpd2, Black: jalmaguer.
  • The fastest draw was black on move 22 found in Gamelink White: liamvo, Black: axp156.
  • The fastest resign was white on move 10 found in Gamelink White: rsava, Black: michionov.
  • The biggest upset was 248 points in Gamelink White: bornacavrag, Black: davbond.
  • The longest game ended with black on move 79 Gamelink White: glbert, Black: seb32.
  • 181 was the highest ACPL in Gamelink White: hill_j, Black: speicherc.
  • 10 was the lowest ACPL in Gamelink White: goblin_alchemist, Black: lapriest.
  • Combined maximum ACPL was 330 in Gamelink White: hill_j, Black: speicherc
  • Combined minimum ACPL was 29 in Gamelink White: gcedw2001, Black: theratrivertrapper.
  • The longest think was 24 minutes 36.0 seconds on move 15 in Gamelink White: jkobs, Black: moistvonlipwig.
  • The most time left was 67 minutes 32.0 seconds in Gamelink White: iqb, Black: johnjpershing.
  • The most time spent was 98 minutes 44.0 seconds in Gamelink White: jkobs, Black: moistvonlipwig.



Chess Puzzle



Click on "Open" to get to the interactive puzzle and solution.



Thanks to the contributor that suggested to analyse recurrence among player registrations in each season. My apologies for forgeting their name, and unfortunately the history is already gone on Slack.
@aliquantus is working on analysing data in more depth for next week probably.

If you also wish to contribute, join our channel #lichessledger - and I will try not to forget your name next time.
Currently we've started a discussion around studying games like @erinyu is doing for us each week (High rated player required or are all levels equally interesting ? Creating some weekly group work ? Entertainment or educational ? etc.) join us to share your ideas.


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