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Issue #047 - January 22, 2018


State of the League

(After a five week haitus, the Lichess4545 Ledger is back! If you would like to help the Ledger maintain a steady rate of publication, we are currently searching for volunteers in different roles. For more information on how you can help, scroll to the bottom of this week's Ledger. Enjoy the issue!)

This week marks the final round of Lichess4545's 10th season. Congratulation to the winners of this season, We're OK with any name, actually. Second place goes to Make Luft not War, and in third place is Octopus Knights.
The complete final standings can be found here.

Thanks for all your replies to the end-of-season survey. The analysis of the survey data can be found below with some rule changes and the start date for the next season!

An important note for next season's registration: all players must have a non-provisional classical rating to have their registration approved.

Quick updates on the other leagues:

  • Lonewolf #9 has finished its 10th round out of 11. The end-of-season survey for Lonewolf will be announced next week.
    @Cline is currently leading the open section, and @davejishnu is leading the U1600 section.
  • #Blitz-battle: Congrats to @erinyu for the double win of the #23 and #24 editions of Blitz Battle!
  • #Chess-Series: (Link goes to their spreadsheet which has updated info -- join the #series-general to learn more.) The Series moderators are actively working on rule changes that are expected to be implemented before next season.
    More information on the article dedicated to the series bellow.


Community contributions


Live commentary of round 6 team4545 games (staring IMlovlas vs Assassin in White in a Sicilian Defense.) Deep analysis of 4 of @quirked tournament games

Deep analysis of 4 of @quirked's tournament games.

Live commentary of team4545 #10 round 6 (starring IM @lovlas vs @assassin_in_white in a Sicilian Defense.)


The content of the channel has been freshly reorganised ! A clear description on each video is awaiting your next visit.

ChessLeagueTV Please check the CLTV Youtube page for VODs of the recent streams.


Weekly Stats



Stats for Rounds 8 of Team (45+45):

  • The fastest mate was black on move 22 found in Gamelink White: lvew, Black: bletchlypark
  • The fastest draw was white on move 30 found in Gamelink White: pmyourpepes, Black: einargregersen
  • The fastest resign was black on move 9 found in Gamelink White: delpire, Black: myle
  • The biggest upset was 219 points in Gamelink White: dimitris22, Black: kferapont
  • The longest game ended with black on move 84 Gamelink White: gogoyubari, Black: pioki
  • 102 was the highest ACPL in Gamelink White: liamvo, Black: revoof
  • 7 was the lowest ACPL in Gamelink White: ledarkknight, Black: arsenalfanrichi, Gamelink White: delpire, Black: myle
  • Combined maximum ACPL was 165 in Gamelink White: spiteknight, Black: moinmann
  • Combined minimum ACPL was 14 in Gamelink White: ledarkknight, Black: arsenalfanrichi
  • The longest think was 27 minutes 53.0 seconds by black on move 60 in Gamelink White: theratrivertrapper, Black: dirtyjs
  • The most time left was 60 minutes 54.0 seconds in Gamelink White: handknit, Black: urjah
  • The most time spent was 101 minutes 20.0 seconds in Gamelink White: fisher56, Black: lemonworld



  • Accuracy King: with an average of 16 ACPL in 7 rounds played, rgpchesspe
  • Fast Finisher: with an average gamelength of 46 ply/23 moves in 8 rounds played, keresch
  • Marathon Man: with an average gamelength of 139 ply/70 moves in 8 rounds played, mariuseg
  • Giri Award: 4 draws for nimzovit (7 rounds), mariuseg (8 rounds), roso97 (8 rounds) and bjorgvin1 (7 rounds)
  • Biggest rating gain in season 8: with 347 rating points, jkobs
  • Biggest rating loss in season 8: with 166 rating points, omoueza
  • Fun fact: The most popular opening played in team(45+45) #10 was (categorized by ECO code) D00 - Queen's Pawn Game (20 games)


Overall stats for Round 1 to 8 of Team (45+45) #10:

  • The fastest mate was white on move 18 found in Gamelink White: rhohit, Black: percevalxxxx, Gamelink White: showboater, Black: tcgrif
  • The fastest draw was white on move 21 found in Gamelink White: gm1224, Black: kraaft, Gamelink White: supermaths, Black: nimzovit, Gamelink White: roso97, Black: pioki
  • The fastest resign was black on move 8 found in Gamelink White: pokerram, Black: rederik79
  • The biggest upset was 349 points in Gamelink White: narwhalepete, Black: kart0ffelsalaat
  • The longest game ended with white on move 117 Gamelink White: mariuseg, Black: camelclutcher
  • 140 was the highest ACPL in Gamelink White: bletchlypark, Black: nairwolf. 2 was the lowest ACPL in Gamelink White: ledarkknight, Black: hsznet
  • Combined maximum ACPL was 251 in Gamelink White: bletchlypark, Black: nairwolf
  • Combined minimum ACPL was 8 in Gamelink White: erinyu, Black: lovlas
  • The longest think was 43 minutes 35.0 seconds by white on move 9 in Gamelink White: hackov, Black: alwxr
  • The most time left was 78 minutes 13.0 seconds in Gamelink White: gm1224, Black: gokuba
  • The most time spent was 123 minutes 23.0 seconds in Gamelink White: mariuseg, Black: camelclutcher


MEDALS (based on performance rating). You only qualify if you played 5 games on the particular board. To see how you stack up: (Link)





Board 1 lovlas 2665 sonata2 2350 erinyu 2350
Board 2 alegre_river 2225 gnarlygoat 2225 hawkins89 2174
Board 3 pmyourpepes 2237 chennis 2053 gcedw2001 2015
Board 4 rgpchesspe 2052 krispl 2008 david-innes 1944
Board 5 xearo 2451 deep_glue 1953 dracoxvitae 1790
Board 6 glaisepapale 2312 bletchlypark 1720 colwem 1718


More data below with the database analysis of @seb32 bellow.



Stats for Round 10 of Lonewolf #9:

  • The fastest mate was white on move 24 found in Gamelink White: gm1224, Black: vevochi
  • The fastest draw was black on move 39 found in Gamelink White: poseh, Black: heinie
  • The fastest resign was black on move 11 found in Gamelink White: star-bearer, Black: xempcc, Gamelink White: doctodoom, Black: deanmadden
  • The biggest upset was 154 points in Gamelink White: atorralba, Black: god666
  • The longest game ended with black on move 73 Gamelink White: chesseric44, Black: dorjanel
  • 84 was the highest ACPL in Gamelink White: psimaster, Black: bornacavrag
  • 8 was the lowest ACPL in Gamelink White: bracco, Black: sheepnl
  • Combined maximum ACPL was 138 in Gamelink White: psimaster, Black: bornacavrag
  • Combined minimum ACPL was 21 in Gamelink White: bracco, Black: sheepnl
  • The longest think was 11 minutes 14.0 seconds by white on move 21 in Gamelink White: th3romanticwarrior, Black: lostearthworm
  • The most time left was 37 minutes 54.0 seconds in Gamelink White: gm1224, Black: vevochi
  • The most time spent was 62 minutes 40.0 seconds in Gamelink White: kleyveu, Black: dose7781



Chess Series almost finished
by @moistvonlipwig

The first season of the Chess Series is nearing completion.
In the Swiss section the winner is already decided, it‘s Assassin_in_White with a strong 8/8 score!
Following on places 2 and 3, tonychess75 and citronsauvage with 7 points each.
More detailed results in the next ledger, once all games are finished.

In the round robin groups there are still a couple of unplayed games so the winners aren‘t decided yet. In the Masters group the game MoistvonLipwig vs Fabinou, the clash between the first and the second of the current standings, will decide the top group of the Chess Series. Everyone is welcome to tune in and watch.

After the seasons finish on January 28th there will be a week break. On February 5th the registration for Season 2 will open. Until then the rules will be modified quite a bit to avoid some of problems that occured in the first season. If you have specific ideas for changes feel free to suggest them in the #series-general channel. (Though please understand that if suggestions have already been discussed at length before we aren‘t too motivated to discuss the same thing again.)We are looking for new mods for the Chess Series. If you think you would make a good mod, please contact @moistvonlipwig or @mastersalomon. Preferably from the US west coast or east Asia so that their availabilities complement those of us European mods.Furthermore we are looking for motivated web developers. During the break we would like to start to automate some of the things that so far had to be done manually. (chesster, possibly integration in the lichess4545 site etc.)
If you‘re interested in helping us with that, please join series-dev where we will post more details soon.


Team League Survey Results

by @somethingpretentious

Forms response chart. Question title: Rate your enjoyability of the league (5 = very enjoyable, 1 = Number of responses: 79 responses.

Forms response chart. Question title: Rate the organization of the season. Number of responses: 79 responses.

Forms response chart. Question title: If you are a veteran, how did this compare to previous seasons?. Number of responses: 55 responses.

It's nice to see we still have good satisfaction in the league. I won't go into any more detail here but we're very pleased too!

Congratulations to "I think, therefore I'm in time trouble", winners of the best team name vote with 17% of the vote. Honourable mentions to "The King Goes Skrra" (16%), "Make Luft Not War" (12%) and "We're OK with any name actually" (9%). Your team's name is possibly the most important part of the whole league, so don't procrastinate and start thinking up a good name right now!

As with previous seasons, the survey trends towards keeping many parts of the league the same. Rating balance preferred to team requests (76%), 6 players per team (77%), maintaining league size (76%), maintaining the season length (75%), and keeping one comprehensive league with no split (80%) are all similar to previous survey results.

81% percent of respondents enjoyed the mid season break over the holiday period, but it's split right down the middle for if we should take a break every season.

47% of people would like a video review of the games this season (34% no preference) - remember to nominate games for the video review by messaging @chesster in a DM "nomination 45" or by visiting while logged in to the site.

Now for the new rule proposals. The results of games by players found to be cheating will remain as a full point reversal by popular demand (80%). Next season we will be allowing players to play *down* one board in cases where there is no alternate available or player to play up with permission from the opponent team based on 62% in favour. If no player can be found at all to replace a team mate, this result will remain a forfeit loss as it has been in previous seasons (61%).

Thanks to everyone filling out the new demographic portion of the survey:
58% Europe, 30% North America, 4% Asia, 3% Africa, 3% South America and 1% Oceania.

There's been some great feedback on the ledger as always, so thank you for that! Unfortunately it takes a lot of time and work to create, so if you want to see them more often and you have the time to help out, be sure to join #lichessledger. @tnan123 has had to take a back seat, and while @kraaft has taken up the mantle, more help is always appreciated!

The start of the next season was a close vote, but 12 February won out by 5% (40% "one week break" won over 35% "having no break at all" -- you chess addicts!). This means registration will open on the 29 January, with teams released on 5 February and the first round starting 12 February. As always, earlier registrations are given priority so set a reminder in your calendar now!


Database Analysis of Team4545 #10

by @seb32

Total games 1-0 1/2 0-1 Score
557 games 262 102 193 56.1%


Average Rating and Performance

White rating: 1832 (557 games); White performance: 1876 (56% vs 1833)
Black rating: 1833 (557 games); Black performance: 1789 (44% vs 1832)

click to zoom

x:rating y:game


Frequency of Themes in the First 20 moves of each game

Same-side castling 66% White Isolated Queen Pawn 13%
Opposite-side castling 11% Black Isolated Queen Pawn 8%
Queens exchanged 17% White Pawn on 5-7th rank 53%
Only 1 side with Bishop Pair 56% Black Pawn on 2-4th rank 35%
Kingside Pawn Storm 6% Open c/d/e file 50%


Opening Move



​click to zoom

x:move y:game

Here's all the game of the team4545 season 10 (PGN format) :

Also see the stats page for win percentages for each board by color.


Chess Puzzle

@erinyu delights us with 10 entertaining tactical study :


And a new puzzle from Team(45+45) #10 round 4 on board 1 : samuelifowler vs moistvonlipwig
Black to move.

Hint (select to reveal) : The White Be5 is unprotected, how can Black exploit that ?


Solution (select to reveal) : Nf2. If white doesn't deal with it he will lose one of the bishops with check. If 19.Qxf2 however, he loses to 19...Qxe5+ 20.g3 Qxa1



List of our Slack channels

#annoucements all important announce for all leagues.
#alternates-hangout for alternates to hang out and chat.
#blitz-battle for 2-hour long 3+2 swiss tournaments.
#chess-puzzles for sharing and solving puzzles.
#chess-study for organising training sessions and discussing chess.
#lichessledger to help contribute to the Ledger.
#series-general main channel for the Chess-Series.
#general main channel for the Team4545.
#lonewolf-general main channel for the Lonewolf.
#random for everything else.
Be sure to check out all the available channels by clicking "channels" above the channels list. There are many more to join if you wish!



If you wish to contribute, you're welcome to join the slack channel #lichessledger. We are actively searching for:

Reporters (Keeping in touch with each league, report news/changes...)
Redactor/Editor (Final editing, or at least making sure the English language is not murdered.)
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