Lichess4545 Ledger 037

Lichess4545 Ledger

Issue #037 - September 12, 2017


State of the League

This past week saw the start of round 1 in the team league. There are some very creative names this season!  After the first round 11 teams are tied with their first match win at the top of the standings. Pawn Cena currently heads that group on tiebreak due to their 6-0 win in round 1. Thanks, to all the players who have made week 1 run smoothly by scheduling your games. Even with all the new players in the tournament things went quite smoothly as only 3 games were unplayed during the first round.

Quick updates on the other leagues

Notable Lichess4545 community member video/contributions:

ChessLeagueTV Please visit the CLTV Youtube page for VODs of the recent streams.
Highlights include

  1. An Opening Stream on the Exchange QGD
  2. Our CLTV host quirked livestreams his own game vs nombringer
  3. Coverage of league games with co-host somethingpretentious. @arex vs @tsatsa64 board 5 and @scurly vs @jivey Board 3.

The following game was suggested for inclusion for the wild tactics!

Weekly Stats

Thanks to @somethingpretentious for his work to automate the process of coming up with these stats. It is much appreciated!

Stats for Round 1 of Team (45+45):

  • Biggest upset: 150 point difference piotor 1441 against Napoleon_Solo 1591 Gamelink
  • Lowest ACPL game: TIE 8 ACPL
  • Lowest combined ACPL game: 17 combined ACPL Fabinou vs foreverweak Gamelink
  • Highest ACPL game: 163 ACPL spuntachessTs in loss to nojero  Gamelink
  • Highest combined ACPL game: 296 combined ACPL nojero vs spuntachessTs Gamelink
  • Longest game: Reached move 87 TMaus vs oignons Gamelink
  • Quickest mate: Mate on move 18 by oddskill against rhohit Gamelink
  • Fastest draw: Ends on move 16 Scarff vs pokerram Gamelink
  • Fastest resign: Resignation on move 16 by dkillian against Axp156 Gamelink
  • Longest think: 16 minutes 27.0 seconds on move 13 by Boviced against RottenPawn  Gamelink
  • Most time left: 51 minutes 54.0 seconds RpImpulse against be0wolf Gamelink
  • Most time spent: 105 minutes 21.0 seconds oignons against TMaus Gamelink

‚ÄčStats for Round 6 of Lonewolf:

  • Biggest upset: 436 point difference MamaDuck 1328 against ianjf 1764 Gamelink
  • Lowest ACPL game: 4 ACPL finessemax against kerese1980  Gamelink
  • Lowest combined ACPL game: 16 combined ACPL Vacuum_Cleaner vs TheHaleguathor Gamelink
  • Highest ACPL game: TIE 101 ACPL
  • Highest combined ACPL game: 170 combined ACPL Qualm vs aplause Gamelink
  • Longest game: Reached move 75 dorhinj1 vs SheepNL Gamelink
  • Quickest mate: Mate on move 14 by kani501 against Vevochi Gamelink
  • Fastest draw: Ends on move 28 mn8 vs GoodBoyBishop Gamelink
  • Fastest resign: Resignation on move 7 by pgabrail vs aljopeljhan Gamelink
  • Longest think: 13 minutes 18.0 seconds on move 16 by thchozen0ne against Sazed  Gamelink
  • Most time left: 42 minutes 14.0 seconds Chess_Patzer against iongler Gamelink
  • Most time spent: 63 minutes 34.0 seconds dorhinj1 against SheepNL Gamelink

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Chess For You

"The human element, the human flaw and the human nobility—those are the reasons that chess matches are won or lost."

—Viktor Korchnoi

“Chess helps you think better, like, which move should I do?” Reid said. “If you’re in a losing position, then you have to make your brain think really hard, because if your opponent makes a mistake, you can come back. Also, if you’re in a winning position, you just can’t make mistakes, so your brain has to think really, really, really hard so you don’t make a mistake, or he could come back if you do. And if it’s an even position, you have to get your brain to think really, really hard, harder than a winning position or a losing position, because you want to get in a winning position.”

—Kindergartner Reid Segarra, as quoted in


Chess Puzzle

From a round 1 game on board 5 in 4545: @TCGRIF vs @JohnJPershing. Black just played Qc6. White to move.

For the answer see gamelink.



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