LoneWolf FAQ

How does this work?

  • You must link your slack account to receive a pairing.
  • Every Monday at 22:00 UTC pairings are released.
  • You will receive a direct message on slack from @chesster.
  • You have 24 hours to tell your opponent which times you can play or to respond to their offer.
  • List all times in UTC.
  • Post the chosen time in #lonewolf-scheduling.
  • Play your game.
  • Do it again the next week. 
  • Read the rest of the rules.

Rules Summary:

Format is 11 round Swiss, games are 30+30 rated on Lichess

Win is 1 point, draw is 0.5, loss is 0

Pairings will be released every Monday at 22:00 UTC

Post your scheduled game time in #lonewolf-scheduling

IMPORTANT: If you do not contact your opponent within 24 hours of round start, you'll be automatically withdrawn. This policy is to give those affected by a no-show a chance to get re-paired.

If you have an Android phone, it is highly recommended you use the official Lichess4545 app.

Full Rules and Regulations

Mods: y​ago666, t​imothyha, m​0r1, e​rinyu, m​irkojotic, i​zzie26, s​eb32, g​avalanche20, f​lipiflapi


We will use the USCF recommended methods for tiebreaks (in order):

  1. Modified Median
  2. Solkoff
  3. Cumulative
  4. Cumulative opponent's score.

Standings Columns Meaning

  1. LjP: Late Join Points. Given to players with higher ratings that join the tournament, so that they don't get paired down too far.
  2. Tot: Total Points
  3. TBrk: TieBreak. Tiebreak explanations are above. The best explanations for these are in wikipedia or the USCF rules.
  4. Perf: Performance rating for the tournament.

Results Abbreviation Meanings

  • W: Win.  W23 means a win against the current 23rd placed player.
  • L: Loss. L3 means a loss against the current 3rd placed player.
  • H: Half point bye. You get these when you mark yourself as unavailable for a week.
  • X: Win via forfeit. Either a player failed to show or the opponent otherwise forfeited.
  • U: Did not participate in this round.
  • F: Forfeit Loss.
  • Z: I think this means draw by abritration. We only use it for scheduling draws. What are those?  Read the rules!
  • B: Full-point bye. Given when there is an uneven amount of players to be paired. The lowest ranked player gets a full point Bye.

Winners get their names colored for all future tournaments!

Places are as follows:

1st Place - Gold

2nd Place - Silver

3rd Place - Bronze

Best U1600 - Blue