Blitz Battle Rules

Note: These rules are not set in stone, nor are they meant to be punitive. The overriding principle of this document is to create a basic framework so that the league can function smoothly. To that effect, the Moderators will add and/or change rules as need be to improve the league.

I. Player Eligibility

  1. To be eligible as a player, you must have a Lichess account with an established Blitz rating and a minimum of 20 Blitz games played.
  2. Accounts which have been designated as cheaters by Lichess are ineligible to play (See section V. for cheating).
  3. Players must also be a member of the lichess4545 community. This blitz tournament is NOT open to those who are not a member the lichess4545 slack team.
  4. To register, players must complete the registration form once registrations opens (typically 1-2 hours before the start time).
  5. Players should join the #blitz-battle slack channel for announcements regarding registration, and to be updated once the pairings are released each round.

II. League

  1. The blitz-battle format will be as follows:
    1. 8 round Swiss
    2. Time control is 3+2 (3 minutes initial time with 2 second increment per move)
    3. All games must be rated games and played on
    4. For each game that a player wins they receive 1 point, for each draw they receive 0.5 points and for each loss they receive 0 points
    5. All games need to be completed prior to the start of the next round
    6. Pairings for each round will be released 2-3 minutes after the previous round and announced in the #blitz-battle channel
    7. Players are entitled to late-join the tournament
      1. If you late join you will receive one half point bye for each game you have missed up to 3 rounds total. [ie. If you join prior to round 2 you will receive 0.5 points. If you join prior to round 4 you will receive 1.5 points. If you join prior to round 6 you will still receive only 1.5 points.]
    8. In the event of an odd number of players one player each round will receive a full point bye.

III. Moderators and Tournament Director

  1. The League moderators are i​ebrian, s​eb32, s​omethingpretentious, w​olf21, e​rinyu, s​gis, k​ostasvl
  2. You can reach the moderators by sending them a message on Slack in the #blitz-battle channel or using the summon command (@chesster summon mods) in the #blitz-battle channel
  3. Moderators will make binding decisions regarding:
    1. Disputes between players
    2. Rule clarifications
    3. Any other issue of importance to the League as a whole
  4. For each blitz-battle tournament, one moderator will act as the tournament director (ideally this is a current moderator who is not playing in that tournament).
  5. The tournament director for the particular blitz-battle will solve all disputes. The TD is encouraged to consult other available moderators in deliberations.
  6. In the event of a dispute involving one of the Moderators, that Moderator will not have the power to decide the issue and will be left out of deliberations.
  7. When applicable, moderators will refer to the rules and regulations of the USCF and FIDE to resolve disputes.

IV. Game Play

  1. Once the pairings for a round have been released they will be announced in #blitz-battle and be visible on the website at
  2. Each player should attempt to challenge their opponent on lichess
    1. This should occur within a few minutes after the pairings for the round are released
    2. Both players are responsible to ensure they are playing the correct time control (3+2) as well as the correct colors
  3. Please refer to the team rules and regulations (here) regarding "take-backs" and the "Claim Victory/Claim Draw" features
  4. Gamelinks and results should be picked up by @chesster and automatically posted to both #blitz-battle-games (the slack channel) and the website
    1. The TD will do their best to ensure gamelinks and results are posted and correct
    2. It is the players responsibility to notify the TD if any results are misreported
  5. If one player cannot make contact with their opponent, they must inform the current tournament director immediately
    1. The TD will attempt to provide a new pairing for the affected player if one is available.
    2. if a new pairing cannot be made, the player will receive a full point for the round.

V. Cheating Policy

  1. If you suspect someone of cheating, use the report button on Lichess as per the Lichess cheating policy:
  2. If someone is marked as a cheater on lichess, the mods will withdraw them from the tournament.
  3. All games of the cheater will be forfeited.

VI. Ultimate Power

  1. The moderators seek to ensure that the league continues to run smoothly and remains a positive experience for everyone involved.
  2. Players are encouraged to bring up any issues or potential improvements they might identify with a moderator.
  3. There is, however, no implied democracy in the administration of the league. Moderators have a final say in all matters.